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For welding devices

Transformers & CHOKES

General Data:

    Main welding transformers

  • Three-phase and single -phase Cu or Al wires
  • Range from 130 to 1.400 A
  • For MIG/MAG, TIG electrode, plasma, pulse and resistance welding methods
  • Various binding options
  • Equipped with or without switches
  • Implementation on UI and EI cores
  • Thermal protection
  • Manufactured according to EN 61558 and EN 60974-1

    Chokes according to customer requirements

  • Manufactured according to EN61558 and EN 60974-1

    Control transformers

  • Used for power supply of auxilary circuits
  • Different versions depending on the needs and requirements of welding machines
  • Manufactured according to EN 61558 and 60974-1

    Special purpose welding transformers

  • Possible installation of various switches
  • Equipped with air slots

    HF transformers

Einphasentransformator Dreiphasentransformator single three phase enofazni trifazni transformer trasformator Trenntransformator Sicherheitstransformator safety isolating varnostno ločilni HF VF Gehäuse housing v ohišju Printtransformator PCB vergossen potted zaliti Schweißtransformator welding medizinisch medical Herstellung production proizvodnja