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    Custom made


    Most transformers and reactors are produced according to customer’s requirements. Products of ELMA TT not mentioned in our catalogue and leaflets may be produced to customer’s requirements.


    Transformers are used to:
    • Increase or decrease the voltage level in the distribution of power
    • Separate/isolate the equipment/user in order to prevent possible contact with power supply
    • Provide suitable supply voltage to electronic circuits and house-hold appliances
    • Supply different industrial equipment e.g. ovens, motors, lighhtning… with power
    • Transmit signals and power in railway traffic
    • Match different impedances in audio circuits and stages


    Control transformers according to EN61558-2-6 in potted version
    Different EI sizes

    • Cables with individual terminals or connector heads
    • Version with fuse and fuse holder available
    • Various cable lengths
    Einphasentransformator Dreiphasentransformator single three phase enofazni trifazni transformer trasformator Trenntransformator Sicherheitstransformator safety isolating varnostno ločilni HF VF Gehäuse housing v ohišju Printtransformator PCB vergossen potted zaliti Schweißtransformator welding medizinisch medical Herstellung production proizvodnja